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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Agreement


I understand that the San Jose Schools provide electronic resources, including Internet access and storage space for students' work, as an integral part of the curriculum. Behavior and language in the use of these resources should be consistent with classroom standards. I agree to the following responsibilities and restrictions:

  • I will use the electronic resources, including storage space, only for educational purposes related to work in San Jose Schools, and not for any personal, commercial or illegal purposes.
  • I will use the Internet only with the permission of the staff member in charge.
  • I will not use games or other electronic resources that have objectionable content or that engage me in an inappropriate simulated activity.
  • I will not give my password to any other user, nor attempt to learn or to use anyone else's password, and I will not transmit my address or telephone number, or any personal or confidential information about myself or others.
  • I will not upload, link, or embed an image of myself or others to unsecured, public sites without my teacher's permission and a signed parental permission slip.
  • I will not make statements or use the likeness of another person through website postings, email, instant messages, etc., that harass, intimidate, threaten, insult, libel or ridicule students, teachers, administrators or other staff members of the school community, make statements that are falsely attributed to others, or use language that is obscene.
  • I will not attempt to access, upload, or transmit material that attacks ethnic, religious or racial groups, or material that is pornographic or explicitly sexual in nature.
  • I will not violate copyright laws, damage or tamper with hardware or software, vandalize or destroy data, intrude upon, alter or destroy the files of another user, introduce or use computer "viruses," attempt to gain access to restricted information or networks, or block, intercept or interfere with any email or electronic communications by teachers and administrators to parents, or others.
  • I will not use, or create for others, any program to interfere with, change, or interact with programs, security settings, systems, or devices that are the property of San Jose Schools and are used for school-related purposes by students, their parents and staff.
  • I will not imply, directly or indirectly, either publicly or privately that any program or "app" I create is associated with, or a product of, the San Jose Schools, nor will I either directly or indirectly associate any such program with any San Jose Schools logos or images.
  • I will report any problems to the supervising staff member.
  • I understand that my use of the school's computers is not private, and that the school reserves the right to monitor use to assure compliance with these guidelines; violations may lead to revocation of computer access and/or other disciplinary measures.
  • I understand that the prohibited conduct described above is also prohibited off campus when using private equipment if it has the effect of seriously interfering with the educational process, and that such off-campus violations may lead to disciplinary measures.
  • I understand that in each classroom I may be assigned a numbered Chromebook. Any damage done is my responsibility and the appropriate costs will be paid for accordingly by myself or family. Failure to make just compensation may result in losing technology privileges and withholding of final transcripts.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We  follow the DCPS code of conduct. We will try and use all intervention techniques whenever possible to include detention, ISS, OSS and referral to an alternative school placement site. We believe that good order and discipline make for the ideal learning environment in order to best facilitate our academic mission. Teachers and staff will always try to reach a parent/guardian and discuss concerns that arise in a school setting.

Parent / Student Handbook

Retention Policy

Retention Policy

Contact the school for more information about the retention policy.

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

On-Campus Dress Code Requirements

The school uniform consists of school logoed top and khaki, navy or black bottoms and closed toed shoes. The school uniform top consists of a school polo or Tee.  A school sweatshirt may be worn over the Tee or polo. A non-school jacket may be worn outside the building, at PE, and at recess times on cold days. The non-school jacket must be taken off upon entering the school building.  The school uniform bottom consists of khaki, navy blue or black shorts, slacks, or skorts. These items may be purchased from any retail location you choose.  The only restrictions are as follows:

  • No cargo pockets
  • No jeans of any kind
  • No leggings, tights, yoga pants, sweat pants, or elastic cuffs
  • Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, as determined by administration.


  • No visible undergarments.
  • Nothing that causes a distraction, eg: sagging pants where undergarments are exposed.
  • No visible piercings other than modest earrings or studs in ears/nose only.
  • In cases where an individual student must be reminded of any of the policies more than once, the student will be referred to the front office for disciplinary action, including calling home to either have proper attire brought to school so the student can change or being signed out and sent home.

Hair and Headgear

Hair must be neat and clean with no "unnatural" colors that will pose a distraction to the learning process will be permitted (i.e. fluorescent, pink, bright green, etc.). No hats, bandanas, or headbands wider than 2 inches may be worn unless it coincides with a school activity. Headbands must either be solid blue, black, or white.  No athletic headbands can be worn at any time unless at P.E. Head coverings associated with a religious preference are permissible. 


To ensure the safest environment for your child please have him/her wear sneakers or similar closed-toed shoes.  Students are prohibited from wearing the following footwear: slides, flip-flops, Crocs, heels higher than two inches or any shoe that will cause a distraction or are deemed unsafe, to include combat boots, cowboy boots, or anything with a pointed toe. This includes dress down days.

Student ID

As part of the uniform, students are expected to wear their ID on a daily basis to include all school functions and on dress down days. The first I.D. card is free but a replacement card will need to be purchased at a cost of $3.  

Violation of Uniform Policy

Dress code will be strictly enforced. Parents/guardians will ensure that their child is dressed in uniform clothing in accordance with the dress code established by San Jose Schools. Repeated violations will result in a referral to the administrative staff for disciplinary action. 

Parent Grievance Policy

Parent Grievance Procedure

Final Determination

Within five (5) days of receipt of the written report detailing the findings of the investigation, the principal will make a final decision as to whether the alleged discrimination or harassment occurred. The complainant and the person alleged to have committed the offense must be promptly informed of the decision. The decision of the principal is final. 

Disciplinary Action

 If the principal determines that discrimination or harassment did occur, he or she will take appropriate disciplinary action against the offender. For employees, this may include warnings, reprimands, reassignment, or termination. If the offender is a student, the student will be disciplined in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Criminal conduct will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Complaints Against the Principal

If a complaint of discrimination or harassment is made against the principal, the Chief of schools, the CEO and/or the managing Board (in that order) will assume the responsibilities of the principal described herein regarding investigating the complaint, making a final decision, and taking any necessary disciplinary action.