San Jose Schools Governing Board

The San Jose Schools Governing Board is comprised of community supporters, educators, and parents committed to bringing tuition-free public charter schools to Duval County and the State of Florida.

The Board is responsible for legal and financial obligations, establishing policy consistent with the Schools' mission, and ensuring that the programs and operations of the School are faithful to the terms of the charter.

Those interested in Board membership are asked to read the qualifications and follow the application procedure located at the link below.

We are a self-governed school that does not employ a charter management company, nor an education service provider, nor a charter management organization.

Any public records requests regarding San Jose Schools should be directed by phone to the Office of CEO at (904) 337-4090, or by e-mail to Co-CEOs Saul Bloom and Amanda Glancy, /

All emails sent to the board are subject to public records requests and Florida Sunshine Law.

Governing Board Members

  • Sarah Mathis - Chairperson
  • Bonnie Arnold - Founding Chair
  • Jerry Jeakle - Treasurer
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez - Vice-Chair
  • Gary Wheeler - Secretary
  • Amit Patel - Board Member

Information on Joining the Board

Board Committees

Community Engagement Committees Roles & Responsibilities
Membership Committee Roles and Responsibilities
Fundraising Committee Roles & Responsibilities
Finance Committee Roles & Responsibilities

If interested in joining a Board Committee please send resume and letter of interest to

River City Education Organization Inc., a non-profit organization, complies with chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, relating to public records, and s. 286.011, relating to public meetings and records, public inspection, and penalties as detailed in the Florida Statutes relating to public records and public meetings.


Process for the Public to make comments at a San Jose Board Meeting:
  • Any person may submit written public comments emailed to by 12:30 pm of the day of the San Jose Schools Board meeting.  Be advised that this email address will be used only for obtaining public comments for San Jose Board Meetings and should not be used for any other purpose or question.
  • Each individual must include his/her name, address, and what organization, if any, s/he represents.  Anonymous comments will not be accepted therefore, each written comment must include the person’s name and address.
  • Written comments must be limited to 3 minutes (approximately 400 words).
  • Written comments must refrain from direct questions to Board members, the Superintendent, School Staff, or members of the audience.
  • Comments that include profane or vulgar language or personal attacks will not be included.
  • All emails received will be retained as public records pursuant to chapter 119, F.S.
  • Written public comments that are timely submitted and comply with these requirements will be read into the Board Meeting Record.
  • Written public comments that are not timely or that do not comply with these requirements will not be included as part of the Board Meeting Record.

Parental Concerns

Parents should follow the steps below to resolve classroom or student concerns.
    1. Attempt to resolve concerns directly with the classroom teacher.
    2. Contact the Principal of the school and the classroom teacher to resolve the concern.
    3. Contact the principal, the classroom teacher, and the education director.
    4. Parent Liaison to the Board: In the event that a child's guardian feels unable to resolve an issue with their student's instructor and/or the school administrators, they should escalate their concerns to the parent liaison at each school and include all the individuals listed above.  The parent liaison will present concerns to the board in an appropriate way that protects each student's privacy.
Parent Liasons

Bethany Shelton, San Jose Prep

Josie Barton, San Jose Cyber

Diane Hall, San Jose Primary

Michelle Pangle, San Jose Cecil

If a person suspects misconduct by school staff is affecting the health, safety, and welfare of a student, they should contact the school principal, the superintendent, and the parent liaison.  If a child is in immediate danger, call 911.  ​
​Anyone who knows, or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child is abused, abandoned, or neglected must report such knowledge or suspicion to the Florida Abuse Hotline: 1-800-96-ABUSE

Board Meeting Schedule

quarta-feira - 01/4/2023
quinta-feira - 02/16/2023
sexta-feira - 02/24/2023
  • Emergency Board Meeting 12:00pm12:15pm

    Dr. Alan Hall has invited you to a meeting in Spotlight, the place for formal and structured meetings.

    Stay tuned for further information about this meeting.

  • Emergency Board Meeting 12:00pm12:15pm

sexta-feira - 03/3/2023
quinta-feira - 03/23/2023