Student Capacity

Student Capacity at San Jose Schools

The School will provide currently enrolled families the opportunity to re-enroll for the following school year. This shall take place no later than March of each year. At that time, families will also be allowed to apply for additional students who qualify for preferential enrollment under sibling preference. After the school has confirmed the number of available spaces for the upcoming academic year, an open enrollment period of at least thirty (30) days will be held. The School will conduct a lottery to address applications that exceed available space.

San Jose Prep

GradeEnrollment CapPercentage of Capacity
7th Grade11090%
8th Grade11189%
9th Grade15067%
10th Grade15068%
11th Grade10066%
12th Grade7560%

San Jose Primary

GradeEnrollment CapPercentage of Capacity
1st Grade5467%
2nd Grade5487%
3rd Grade3658%
4th Grade18111%
5th Grade18111%

San Jose Cecil

GradeEnrollment CapPercentage of Capacity
9th Grade12537%
10th Grade7541%
11th Grade5056%
12th Grade2528%